Lessons Learned

(For ACOM 5308 – Utilizing Online Media in Agricultural Communications)

Learning from the Texas Tech online media personnel was very informative.  During the lecture, Facebook edge rank was discussed.  To increase the likelihood that a post will display on follower news feeds, mixing media is important.  This is an idea I had not considered in my own social media management.  Increasing content exposure is very important and I this is an idea that I have already applied, with great results.  By posting a mix photos, links, videos and other online content to the Facebook page, a more diverse audience can be reached.  Social media managers cannot be afraid to try new tactics for reaching and engaging their audience.   Try something new and see how it does!

Prior to this class, I did not know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine.  This is powerful information as it emphasizes the need to post video content to the site, and then cross promote it on websites and social media platforms.  Businesses may create an online media account, only to neglect it due to lack of content or man power.  This is a huge mistake.  It is important to maintain accounts with proper content.  I gained several ideas for videos to share through the lecture, including products in action, tours of the office and calls to action.

An important concept that was introduced early in the course and carried throughout was the businesses need to determine what successful social media means for their organization.  Just as every entity is different, the way social media will benefit their bottom line also varies.  Success can be measured in increased sales, but it could also be the number of followers, likes, retweets or number of daily interactions.  There are numerous online tools to measure these factors. Exploring these options and considering the purpose and audience of the social media platforms will help drive success, no matter the measure.


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